✦ Singer, Actress, Songwriter

’Catalijne is well-known for her expressive and mesmerizing way of singing, performance, vocal arrangements and songwriting.’’
Floating through pop, cinema and theatre Catalijne has combined those worlds in all of her works. 

At The Movies


✦ Live Singer

Musical Storyteller

Catalijne, a true musical storyteller. An expressive singer and live performer, available for theatrical and cinematic inspired concerts and shows.

With her own expressive, storytelling way of singing she meszmerizes her audience. Every song she sings becomes a story and every story she tells becomes a song.

She has proven herself capable of singing all musical genres and performing live on every kind of stage, acting and/or entertaining the audience. With a great love and talent for storytelling she is a (live) singer and a songwriter for movie soundtracks, theatre/musical productions and pop/kleinkunst.


Throughout her career she has performed in various kinds of projects. She has played in musical theatre productions as a singer/actress ( Queens ‘Surrender Your Ego’, Camille’s ‘Music Hole’, JacobTV’s ‘Heartbreakers’, Human inc.’s ‘Don’t shoot the Pianoplayer’ and ‘Harry in Wonderland’) and performed as a lead vocalist with diverse pop, world and bigbands, EDM acts, won the Concours de la Chanson Liesbeth List prize and even acted in movies among one of which is Gluckauf (Awarded with 4 Gouden Kalveren).
A broad and rich experience you might say.
Singer ✧ Theatrical performer ✧ Songwriter

✦ Recording Artist

Cinematic Pop


But not only is she a live singer. Discovering her talent for composing music later on in her career, she has also fullfilled her dream of writing and recording her own cinematic soundtracks. Epic songs based on folktales, fairytales and romanticized history with big orchestrations and emotional lyrics.

Writing and producing her own music she also composes for theatre shows, various projects and other renowned artists.

With her mesmerizing voice, song expression, reliable personality and quirky humor she is a great addition to any collaboration.

A true musical storyteller
Singer ✧ Theatrical performer ✧ Songwriter


”Als zangeres heb ik maar één grote liefde en dat is mensen emotioneren en verbinden door middel van muziek.
Dat kan ieders muziek zijn en elk muzikaal genre… Als het maar raakt.

De afgelopen jaren heb ik mijn hart en ziel gelegd in het maken van eigen muziek (album release najaar 2019), maar evenveel (of misschien nog meer) kan ik me totaal verliezen in bestaande muziek. Er zijn zoveel prachtige, meeslepende melodien en rake, oprechte liedteksten geschreven…

Al mijn muzikale projecten en samenwerkingen beginnen en eindigen met een muzikale en emotionele noodzaak.
Muzikale verhalen vertellen, dat is wat ik doe.
Emotioneel, expressief, oprecht, muzikaal en creatief…”

Voor info of samenwerkingen:

be kind be generous be magnanimous ✦ CATALIJNE

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Singer | Actrice | Songwriter

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Don’t Shoot the Pianoplayer

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Singer | Songwriter